Wednesday, June 27, 2012

it's in the mail...


I finally mailed off my package today to my giftee! Just short of the June 30 deadline...sorry Lisa! 
This is the fourth Handmade Gift Exchange that I have participated in, the second summer one. Although June is always a crazy month, it is fun to have a reason to get your craft on. I love to craft in the summertime and this exchange helps jump start my creativity. I have received some wonderful gifts from some very talented women too!!!

Want to see what is inside?

Check back in a few days...I do not want to spoil the surprise if she happens to stop by my blog!
I hope she loves it!

If you participated in the exchange I hope you received a fab gift and that your gift was warmly received!
If you missed this along next time!

~ Julie 

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  1. Hi Julie - I just wanted to stop by your blog and tell you how happy I was to received your gift! Feel free to post a pic so everyone can see your talent. I immediately hung the "L" on my sewing room door. The notes are "Too Stinkin Cute" and I can't wait to use them! And, as for the purple bracelet, I had to promise my 13 year old daughter she could wear it when she wears purple, just so she wouldn't steal it from me LOL. Thank you again - Lisa