Monday, October 26, 2009

Confessions of a Slacker!

I will admit that sometimes I work best when under pressure. I had two brayer classes last Thursday and on Wednesday afternoon I still needed to come up with a third card. So feeling inspired by Halloween and wanting to include a masking technique in class, I came up with this tree sillouete card. I literally just cranked out my sample, not putting to much thought into it so that I could move on to prepping the materials. Well wouldn't you know, everyone in both classes raved about it and declared it their favorite of the three cards we made.

This just goes to prove that sometimes it is best when you don't overthink things and just do what you know and like and trust your own creativity. I need to apply this method of thought to my scrapbooking as well, then maybe I won't be so far behind!

Also, the dates have been set for The Christmas Card Factory; Thursday, November 12th (1o am & 7pm) and Thursday, December 3rd (10am & 7pm). Please call the store to register, hope to see you there!

~ Julie D.

Stamp Credits: Stampscapes

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